Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Finished Blanklet and Fun Day

Ta dah...well done everyone, and a BIG thank you to Mrs Rumley. The blanket will be hung up in the library during Book Week along with all the other products that 5/6 Coote  have been working on as parts of their visual arts and literacy program. Also, a huge thank you to both parents and students who thought laterally and made some amazing plates of food for this special Funday Monday. Mrs Rumley and I were very impressed with the range of food available. Master Chefs! Students had an enjoyable day, showed their knowledge on the Australian quiz questions and had great manners. I think they enjoyed the classic E.T. I will be away on Long Service Leave travelling in Iceland and Scotland for the holidays and the first three weeks back next term. The children will be in the very capable hands of Mrs Andropolis doing lots of engineering challenges!

The blanket was presented in the final term assembly today and was well received. (July 2nd)