Wednesday, December 9, 2015

End of year reports out...and our Maths Circuit Morning

The end is here and the final reports are ready. Students will be bringing home their reports accompanied by their portfolios containing their best work and assessments along with a photo CD showcasing each student's year. The grade 6 Leavers' PhotoStory has also been include. Many students shared photos with their friends in order to make their own PhotoStories. What an amazing class! I have felt privileged to have such an amazing and creative group of students. A big thank you from me for a very rewarding year.

In the last morning of school the children worked in pairs or groups of three to complete a circuit of hands-on maths activities related to the main problem solving concepts covered this year. It was a hive of activity. One of the most challenging activities was the scale assemblage of the planets. Students had to work out a scale. I was impressed with their efforts and concentration, espeecially the grade 6 students on their very last day at primary school.

Recreating the solar system

An algebraic problem, find the formula or the pattern

Who owns the monkey?

The tricky river crossing

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Christmas with a Mola's twist

A truly Christmas layering of colour, the Christmas art is inspired by  molas created in Panama. Mola is a word used to describe colorful panels made of cotton fabric and thread created by the Kuna women of Panama.
an example of  Mola art