Monday, June 1, 2015

Oh, it's June already and luckily Mrs Rumley is here to help us!

Tonight and tomorrow night I have requested that the children make their own decision about whether they focus on their  The Pinballs assignments of their  Historical Showbags.  All information is on this blog.  Tomorrow night I will add in the photos of the finished bunnies. Students need to tell me if they need any help with unfinished one, especially embroidering the faces as we are all looking forward to making a simple animation as a  class in preparation for their group work ones of their choice using a variety of materials. Mrs Rumley will be running small group science experiments in the first session each morning from tomorrow until next Wednesday to  assist students with their understandings of  planning an experiment, taking notes and understanding variables, and writing up results. She has a university degree in they need to really listen and take on board advice from her. She worked with Tasmanian Forestry for many years  and has three children of her  own, I am overjoyed to have her assistance in the classroom. She has so much to offer in relation to both maths and science, and I am sure many other skills as well.
The maths focus for the next two weeks is multiplication, number facts...along with songs (earworms to aid students in remembering them),  revision of subtraction (small group of four students with Mrs Rumley to consolidate their understanding), and a practical focus on 3D constructions looking at use of isometric dot paper and cm squared paper to show front, side and top views.