Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Proclamation Board - homework - updated 24th June

Students were each given a colour copy of this Proclamation Board and had to try and decode what it could possibly be focusing on Who?  What? Where? When? and Why? to guide their writing. There were some quite insightful pieces produced.  The only clue I gave was that is was part of our early colonial period. Students shared their opinions and then we listened to a recording about its significance and read along with the transcript. There are only two of the originals left in Tasmania. Students' research will be followed up with a lesson on point of view and a reflection upon their initial ideas. They have been asked to do some research and synthesise two to three sources of information. I would like them to share their research Monday. They have saved their initial thoughts to their USBs and have them backed up on the school server. 

The website we looked at complete with the transcript of the sound file.

Today June 14th most students showed me they had done some active research. We then discussed the viewpoints present and the viewpoint missing and students reflected on their learning. Their prediction, research and evaluation will be typed up Tuesday morning and added to their portfolios.