Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Tomato Sauce Investigation - August Focus - ReportWriting - Due in Thursday 3rd September

Over the next few weeks students will be conducting a predominantly mathematical investigation into different brands of tomato sauce. This will allow them to focus on nutrition information panels, gain an understanding of milligrams, grams, unit pricing, data collection, the program Excel and the ingredients of tomato sauce, most notably the quantities of sugar, fat and sodium. There are ten brands under scrutiny some of which claim to be organic and healthy. I purchased ten types to make use of percentages a little easier for students.  The Spelling Bingo words for this week and next will be words students will be using in their investigations. Students have checked the reliability of their data and can now start their reports. I have shown them the basics of Excel and they have access to examples of finished reports done by a cohort some years ago who used a different selection of sauces. The students have posed two main question to investigate:
Which tomato sauce brand in the sample group is the healthiest and which is the least healthy?
Which tomato sauce is best vale for money (per hundred mls)?

We estimated what 100 mls was

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We posed some questions

Reading NIPs

The sauce sample size is 10