Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Point of View: The REAL Stories. Book Publishing!

I read the students Jon Sciezka's version of The three Little Pigs and Roald Dahl's poem Cinderella from his Revolting Ryhmes.  We discussed point of view and students chose their own fairy tales to give their own treatment to. Some of them are truly amazing and coming off the press now.  Sciesza's works have been a major through line this year. Some students have been experimenting with Microsoft Publisher whilst others have gone for a more traditional approach. We can't wait to share these with our buddy class early in term four. Most students have started on the illustrating component of the task. The students are also making a promotional peg figurine to promote their publications focusing on a character from the story of their choice. Below are some excerpts and some of the author/illustrators:

Monday, September 21, 2015

Animal World Records...

Students were given records from the Guiness Book of Records and in groups of three had to replicate the measurements AND fill in the missing gaps thinking about possible scales. I was very impressed with the creativity given the limited size and colours of the chalk sticks. The sizes of some of these animals were positively mammoth.  The accuracy was uncanny given students only had one hour and twenty minutes to consult with each other, sketch out preliminary measurements, draw and shade. Amazing team work! The drawings were enjoyed by all students and staff who visited the courts at lunch time and throughout the following day.  The students  then sat or laid next to their creations to get a real feel for the size of them! I love their impersonations of the animals.