Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Book Week Focus for Library Expo...and continuation of Historical Show Bags

Students are currently reading Book Week nominated books and completing assignments for the display in the school library in August.  Their work will be on display in the library through mid to late August.   Here are some shots of two teams at work on nominated picture books. The detail is incredible. Great negotiating and team work.

Samples of reviews below:

Pig the Pug Book Review
This delightfully humorous book was written by the award winning author – illustrator, Aaron Blabey.  The key factors to Blabey’s books are his immense sense of humour and use of humorous rhymes. This book is fun for all ages with its humour, rhymes, and the well-known line, “pigs cannot fly.”
Pig the Pug is a selfish pug dog who never shares anything with his room-mate Trevor, a friendly sausage dog. Poor Trevor only longs for one toy, but Pig flipped his wig when Trevor suggested they share. Pig’s rudeness is solved when gravity takes control, and everything works out perfectly for Trevor, not so much for Pig!
For me, some of the most memorable features of this book are all the hilarious facial expressions on the gorgeously illustrated cartoon characters. The main moral of the story for me is “If you are rude and selfish you will take a fall one day!” A very entertaining book, I hope there’s many more to come!

Snail and Turtle are Friends written and illustrated by Stephen Michael King
Award-winning author Stephen Michael King, creator of Mutt Dog, has released a colourful new book called Snail and Turtle are Friends. This book may not seem so appealing at first but if you open the cover up and read the book you’ll be pleasantly surprised. It has a good beginning and it ends happily with a moral as well.
The cartoon illustrations are beautiful, especially the double page spread which shows the lovely lifestyle that Turtle and Snail have.
This book is highly recommended for early readers and younger children because it rhymes and there are very few words on each page.
Review by RC & JdP

Students composed a predictive paragraph about what they thought the book would be about. I have published these initial thought ready for the Book Week display in the library in August, along with some beautiful pencil sketches inspired by the book.

"Stunning picture book with amazing double page layout depicting the Tea and Sugar Train which operated for 81 years, from 1915 until 1996. The train travelled from Port Augusta to Kalgoolie one a week servicing isolated communities along the Nullarbor Plain. The story focuses on Katherine, an aboriginal girl, keen to see Santa and so excited to receive her precious gift. Students in my class loved it and I learn something about Australian history I didn't know about."
(A paragraph I wrote for my Pinterest page.)

Below are beautiful pencil drawings inspired by Robert Ingpen.

by FC



 By RC