Tuesday, June 16, 2015

CD Covers and CD ready for a glimpse of what students have been doing for the first half of the year...

A Fast forward example. Each Photo Story normally runs for around 5 minutes

Students are currently designing a cover to house a CD which has 12 PhotoStories showing some of the classroom action with a big focus on science experiments and also many based on the class working closely with their book buddies. These will play on most computers.Students will be designing their own cardboard case and cover. The photo story above is an example of putting together a selection of photos taken in the early days of the year. I was going to send them home with reports but students can take them as soon as they have finished their CD case. And...a tour of Maria Island. I managed the cliff top walk twice! This skips around a bit, real deal much better. Hang out for your CD coming to you soon!