Sunday, November 15, 2015

Making Replicas of Proclamation Boards

Well, the replication of the Proclamation Boards is off to a great start. Students have a deep understanding of these boards and how they were used in Colonial Tasmania. A great deal of research has been done in term two and is available for viewing in their portfolios. We are making a prototype first using a piece of Huon Pine I dragged  out of the Pieman River when I was eight months pregnant; quite an experience!  I of course had a licence to do so. David, a hard-working colleague teacher on his final prac, provided enough celery top pine for students to make six more of these boards this week and next and provided all the heavy tools we needed to prepare the wood. Students undercoated the boards leaving the natural wood grain for the trees and the divisions between the panels.  The pictures are very detailed and are going to require patience and persistance on behalf of the students. These replicas will be a great addition to the school resources. Thanks to my husband, Alan, for preparing the piece of Huon Pine.  Here are some photos:

A small amount of drying required

Proud parent