Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Biomes: Due in next Thursday

The biomes unit is due next Thursday the 12th of November. Students have had many single and double lessons to work on this. They have each been given a booklet with handy information but will need to source some reliable website of their own, or use books and magazine articles to compare and contrast the  three biomes of their choice, They each have and A2 sheet of paper with a Venn diagram (three intersecting circles). Mr Hulton has also shared video clips and given considerable guidance with the unit. By now, the grade 6 students should be able to independently plan for and manage reasonable amounts of their own assignment work in preparation for high school. Any students needing support should ask Mr Hulton or  Mrs Coote for assistance if they are experiencing difficulty accessing reliable information. Each student was given a rubrik clearly showing what is to be assessed in this geography unit.

A completed Biomes Venn Diagram