Sunday, November 1, 2015

Anh Do's Journey - Late October

As a follow up to our work on Armin Greder's The Island we read The Little Refugee and excerpts from The Happiest Refugee. Students practised and shared their excerpts with the class as part of a reading activity; they worked in pairs or groups of three and four presenting their respective passages. Students focused on the Keys to Success Students synthesised their ideas from the books under the headers resilience, getting along and persistence, organisation and confidence. They also viewed the DVD Ahn Doh's Vietnam which they thoroughly enjoyed. There was much humour but also many touching moments in the two episodes wherein students recognised the happiness that can be obtained through giving and helping others.  In pairs they created placemats  based on the Keys to Success showing with specific examples how Ahn Do and his family successfully made the transition into Australian society after surviving many hardships and set backs in their lives.