Sunday, November 1, 2015

First High School Transition Day: November 2nd

What an enjoyable day we all had at Kingston High School. First up was a short assembly in the auditorium where students met some of the grade 7 teachers and learnt a bit about the way the school runs. Then it was on to Futsal in the well-equipped gym. Mr Hulton took the reins and ran some Futsal games and the students showed their sense of sharing and fairness, self-regulating the rules in many respects. 

After a short recess students had a short drama lesson and then a tour of the school. Once ensconced in E pod, Mr Hulton  began a real life maths lesson focusing on the recent school fair, focusing on time frames and money spent as well as suggestions to improve it ready for 2017. Their findings will be presented to the staff and the Parents and Friends at future meetings. For example, the average money a grade 6 student had to spend at the fair was $19-50. Eighteen students offered data for this focus. Some even went home with money still in their pockets! A follow up lesson on scale will be delivered next week.

The short lunch break was followed up by a "Getting to Know Us" art/literacy task, run by myself, where students presented information about what they saw as their future foci (focuses) for 2016 and also a list of their social, emotional and intellectual strengths. The students find it difficult to acknowledge their strengths. These will be proof-read and and added to before being mailed on to their grade 7 home room teachers. The K.HS. staff really appreciate these informative snapshots of their future grade 7 students.

Last up, and most exciting, so I have been informed, was the Science lesson focusing on fizzing and foaming experiments with the culmination being that each students made their own sherbert concoction to take home and enjoy. All I can say is watch the tartaric suddenly vanish from your larders or cupboards! Also, one students managed to wear moreon his clothing than he ingested, but we don't mention names!

Here some snapshots of parts of the day.