Monday, September 14, 2015

Fun Day Wednesday 16th September

Tallest dog ever
Zeus 1.118 cm tallest dog ever!

In recognition of the students' hard work this term we are having a fun day.

In the morning students will be competing in teams of three or four to answer general knowledge questions on geography, history, literature, media, sports and leisure and science and nature. During this time students will share some snacks. A small donation of food for the morning tea would be appreciated. Students will eat their normal lunch.

The mid morning session will involve the production of chalk drawing based on record-breaking animals from the Guines Book of Record. Students will be drawing their animal to correct size and comparing themselves with them. Photos of this event will be taken.They need to have organised a co-operative working groups of three.

In the afternoon I will be teaching them a new game involving lots of team work.  No-one can excel by themselves. Patience may be required.