Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Placemat and homework this week: 11th - 16th May

On Monday11th and Tuesday 12th May students will begin note taking to collect as much information on their colonial figure to design and make a placemat with the headings Resilience, Perseverance, Getting Along, Organisation and Confidence (which are the "keys to success" at our school). Students  will choose four of the above headings under which they will provide rich examples of how their chosen person  exemplified these qualities  under the respective  headings.  They will need to carefully plan their piece before making the placemat. Cartridge will be provided. Here are two examples done by former students. Students will have to really read a lot about their person and know them well. This kind of activity prevents students from just doing a "cut and paste" of someone else's text... and discourages plagiarism. This will also be discussed in class. This homework this week will to be making notes from information texts to design and write up the placemat. An hour was spent scaffolding this task in class this morning (discussion of using a bibliography and using keywords) and over an hour given in the afternoon. Each students had time to source their first piece of informational text from the internet or they were given a photocopy from a book or magazine. A3 cartridge paper will be available in the classroom tomorrow for those students with enough information to start their placemats.