Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Box...

Well today had a few surprises...Mrs Andropolos came in the morning for 50 minutes as I had a meeting about how to use the spelling program Word Shark and gave the students the challenge to make this box, using the following extract from The Key to Rondo by Emily Rodda (Well done AL for working out the source!)

The box was about as big as a shoebox, and had four short legs.  Its lid was smooth, shining black, quite plain except for a narrow, oval-shaped ring of real silver in the centre.  Its sides, however, were painted with amazingly detailed scenes, and this was what made it so special, and so interesting.

The long side at the front was a town filled with houses, shops, and people.  The long side at the back was green and peaceful, with a castle on a hill, a queen in a long blue gown, a dragon flying high in the sky, and a river winding down from misty mountains.  One of the short sides was a coast of sea and golden sand.  The other was mainly forest, where tall trees rose from a sea of lacy ferns and shadows seemed to flicker with the stripes of tigers.

The class was so engaged with this activity I decided to keep going with it as it was such a fabulous, innovative idea.  So after their music on they went with the challenge. A PhotoStory will be produced showing their journey through the comprehension, design and team work aspects of this task,  The afternoon was also spent explaining the Plasticine 3D pics we will start on next week. Another plus...Fireman Barry commented on how amazing and attentive the class has been during the fire safety program.


Art works underway...

One group finished early and it's amazing!

Leg these