Monday, March 9, 2015

Are Your Homes as Safe as Houses? Firefighter Barry and Homework 10/03/2015

This title is the  opening and very wise question from Barry Blackwell or Firefighter Barry as he is affectionately known  by the  students.  I think all teachers adore him and appreciate all he does; I am sure the Tasmanian Fire Department are aware of what a gem he is. He is fabulous with the kids and has a friendly and fair approach. I also love listening to him and every year, even after some 18 years, I always learn something new. Today the students had their first lesson in fire safety. Tonight's homework is based on today's lesson.

Today Firefighter Barry discussed the importance of smoke alarms, their positioning in a house, and also showed how they worked and how to keep them maintained. Apparently they can be purchased for as little as $6. He also emphasized the importance of having an escape plan for the whole family in the event of a house fire.  The students viewed some footage from a Current Affair showing just how quickly a fire in a house can spread and the damage is can cause in only a matter of  minutes. The focus was on the fact that within a minute dense smoke fills the air and it is impossible to see and after a minute the room temperature soared to a whopping 600 degrees! And please remember if you are in a top bunk don't roll out of bed, just climb down the ladder  as normal. And as Barry said, ...a normal crawl is much safer than the slower Hollywood commando style!

Here is the task students need to do for homework tonight and tomorrow night. He will be collecting any finished ones tomorrow in the second lesson and will give students feedback Students need to show the exit plan and write down or show the safe meeting place on their plans. I have asked the students to apply some form of scale to their plans as part of the maths program. If you are struggling for time, bring plans along on Monday next week.