Tuesday, February 3, 2015

In the beginning

Classroom already for students. Some exciting projects and activities planned for the year. I am on class Monday through Thursday and Ms Hunter will be conducting the lessons on Fridays. I will be running the library lessons this year  each Wednesday morning after recess as the school no longer has a teacher/librarian.  Students will select their books from the library once a week and have a unit of work to work on during the library time. Students have a Japanese and physical education each Tuesday and their music lesson is on Thursday. Mrs Hunter will be running the geography program and the measurement strand of mathematics each Friday and obviously continuing literacy and health and well being activities. Students have been given a  book list so that they can label their books. It is as follows:

Book List:

Large Blue Workshop Wallet - to store work underway
Smaller plastic wallet - for conferencing (part of the Writer's Workshop program Wallet – for Conferencing
96 Page Maths Grid Book – for Maths
Large Scrap Book - Problem Solving and Games
Little Skills Book – already covered with calendar and rewards card – for developing skills
48 Page – Geography with Mrs Hunter – Fridays
192 Page – Spelling and Grammar at the front and Literacy Activities from the centre onwards
96 Page – Writer’s Notebook (Even if you only cover this book, please personalise it as it is a pretty special book this year.)
96 Page Inquiry – for Science and History units
96 Page for Health and Well Being
Students also have a skills book which I covered for them and which houses their rewards card and a calendar.

A summative maths test has been completed to pinpoint teaching focii for both the two grade levels and also for individual students. The Single Word Spelling Test  (SWST) will be also done very soon. Maths Online is currently been set up and provides opportunities for revision and consolidation for students at an individual level. It accounts for about a quarter of the maths program. Students will also experience explicit-teaching maths sessions, hands on maths, problem solving, investigative, and group work.

Classroom Library
The classroom currently has over 1000 books including fiction, non-fiction and magazines and other types of popular literature including joke books and graphic novels. These are my books which I have made available for students to  borrow . Students may borrow these resources and can take them home for reading if they just let me know. There is an accompanying blog which reviews some of the titles in the classroom.