Saturday, February 14, 2015

Change Detectives - Science in Term 1

Science in term 1 will be focusing on the three states of matter, solids, liquids and gases. Many of the practical lessons are taken from the above book. Each student has an Inquiry book in which to make their scientific notes and observations and to plan for reports.

In the first three practical lessons students are asked to observe substances in different states and to make detailed observations and use annotated diagrams. Here are the substances the students looked at. Some of the substances underwent a physical change whilst other underwent a physical and a chemical change.

Milk and frozen milk

Candle and burning candle

Salt and salt solution

Salt crystals

Students had magnifying glasses

Chocolate in original state, melted and burnt

Bicarbonate Soda mixed with Tartatric acid

Bicarb and Tartaric acid before water (H2O) was added

Bicarb and Tartaric acid after the addition of water

Icy-poles at room temperature and frozen

Raw egg and hard-boiled egg

Perfume in its liquid form

Perfume atomised and evaporating

As a class we will do an observation of denture cleaning tablets changing their state. This coming week students will be given coloured dots to model the three different states of matter.

Students worked in teams of four to do the observations on the eight substances.

Students hard at work during the practical sessions

Students have access to a word wall within the classroom and new vocabulary will be added to the wall during class sharing and discussions after each practical session.

Useful information and diagram for the unit:


Hopefully at the end of the unit, students will have a greater understanding of states of matter than many of these kids.